Sweihan with Dubai Offroaders, and bye bye to my radiator :(


Sweihan with Dubai Offroaders, and bye bye to my radiator :(

1822 1071 Luca Goes Offroad

And we’re back to Sweihan..! But this time I’m with Dubai Offroaders and in a fewbie convoy, so no more time to joke… As some of you may have noticed, it’s been a while since I’m not doing drone videos. The fact is that the upgrade of level is keeping me 100% focused on the drive and I’m trying to avoid all the possible distractions, and the drone is a big distraction 🙁

Sweihan was full of technical parts and tricky ridges. I finally learned how to cross them, after a first attempt that almost made me roll over… instead of crossing with 2 parallel wheels, I just turned the steering wheel, making the side of my Fj point the ground and dangerously incline.. Thank God I wasn’t speeding too much so I got back on 4 wheels, after a first moment of fear! XD

But this ridge wasn’t the only set back I had.. While speeding on the side of a dune I didn’t notice a deep ditch and… BAM! Bye bye to my radiator… In the video you will see the exact moment in which I wasted my money to buy a new one… Of course AFTER the damage, I finally decided to buy a skid plate, so at least my radiator should be safe for the future!

The drive lasted a little longer because we had some trouble crossing some difficult areas with big bowls full of evil rocks, ready to kill us, and that gave me a small preview of what a night drive could be… And I’m not ready yet! XD

Ok, I’m writing too much, here’s the video..!