From Nahel to Al Ain Airport, long drive with Dubai Offroaders


From Nahel to Al Ain Airport, long drive with Dubai Offroaders

3925 2760 Luca Goes Offroad

Oooooh, finally a long and smooth drive! We only had 2 pop-outs and a couple of stuck car but, apart from that, everything went well and we had some great sandy fun! The meeting was 10:30am next to Nahel, around 11:15 we were ready to leave, heading to Al Ain Airport. My convoy was made of 6 cars + our marshall Joe. We visited a desert mostly made of soft technical dunes, so soft that some car got stuck in weird positions…! I can’t count all the ridges we crossed… Not long but many.. My skid plate asked me 3 days of paid leave for that. I admit that the level of the drive was not too high, but it helped to keep the drive smooth, as some of us were having troubles keeping up or keeping their tires around the rims! XD

In the 67km of our drive (CLICK HERE to download the path for Google Earth) we also had the chance to have some fun in 2 big bowls and meet a wild gazzelle. I wanted to drive without worrying about the video, so I only brought my camera for some pictures and my friend Ricardo also helped me on this. Taking only pictures is waaaay more relaxing so I decided that, from now on, I will focus more on the pictures and I will do the videos only in special occasions, and that’s good, because I don’t want to bore you every week with a 4395867 minutes long video! 😛

Did I say pictures? Yes, I did… so here they are. Feel free to share this gallery and follow me on !! 🙂